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Acronis Disk Editor 6.0-10.0

Acronis Disk Editor software will help you solve and repair issues associated with your hard disk drives. With Disk Editor 6 - 10, you can perform the following actions: Convert FAT16 file system of partitions to FAT32 and to NTFS. Hide sections or show earlier hidden section. This ability, together with the possibility to set a password to boot Disk Editor, can hide a whole partition with any desired data. Not only other users, but also programs won't be able to access the section. What will allow you not to worry about deleting or damaging important data. User can also make the section active, resize the root folder of a FAT16 partition, change size of INODE table (for Linux Ext2/Ext3 file systems). Change partition cluster size. Back up, copying, and/or recovery of boot sectors and other important data areas of a hard drive; search and/or extraction of information that was removed by accident or lost due to failures, or through the destruction from an erroneous computer virus. Features: powerful editing tools, navigation and search tools, automatic computation.