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Borderless Gaming

    Borderless Gaming - is the utility that hides standard window borders and makes games look like you're in fullscreen mode. By pressing the Alt-Tab key, you immediately can switch to another application, i.e. to read how to complete a current quest at some website.

    Being intuitively designed, with only a few buttons and options screens -Borderless Gaming provides all needed features for comfortable gaming. You choose your desired application and start playing with no windows borders. While in-game, there are shortcuts to control application behavior. The right windows side has a games list chosen by you, left one - all currently running applications. Yes, not only games are supported.:) Since older games, especially 3D ones aren't supported for a long time, they may simply crash when you press Alt-Tab, or reload their graphical engine when you are switching back to the game. With this tool, this application behavior won't happen, switching between applications is now instant and crashless.