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    What is ReShade?

    ReShade is a set of mini-programs that work with GPU and make old and new games artwork look better in an artistic way. Reshade supports advanced SMAA anti-aliasing based on depth edge detection, ambient image depth enhancement, depth of field effects, chromatic aberration, dynamic screen grain emulation, adjustable saturation, contrast, and color correction, overlay layer co-processing, multi-pass anti-aliasing, etc.

    Many effects in games are created using shaders. Shaders are GPU influencing software, and also textures applying vidual effects to meshes/textures are also called shaders. Natural phenomena like fog, reflections, glows, water splashes, and other enhancements - both are rendered by software/GPU and use small-sized images to make effects look realistically. The uniqueness of ReShade is that it can add shaders to old 3d textured meshes(objects) to make them look more detailed. The most astonishing part here is that many older games do not have shaders at all, so with ReShade their picture becomes completely new-looking artwork.

    There are tens of different shaders to satisfy everyone's needs. Supported are DirectX9-10-11, OpenGL. You won't get any improvements for games like Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos, or Doom, but 2000+ released games are mostly supported.